Grow lighting has emerged from the ‘Dark Ages’ of extreme heat and high energy. LED grow lighting has finished this evolution by becoming a common sense grow light solution that provides the plant performance, energy savings, lower heat environment that commercial growers need with the affordability that private households have been hoping for!


Recent testing of new generation LED grow lighting has given outstanding results for many applications. No matter what you grow the features, output, distribution, plant penetration, lighting arrays and wavelengths available will provide proven real life performance for commercial growers and consumers alike.

Energy Savings

Energy savings from growing with LEDs is an important benefit but the many dollars per month saved from the lighting fixture power consumption is just the start. Savings realized from the substantial decrease or elimination of auxiliary cooling and ventilation may be as much or more as the savings from the lighting itself. Just imagine having grow lighting that keep your energy signature similar or in line with what you were using before you even started growing. Real energy savings and real performance while presenting a normal energy footprint means real peace of mind.

Low Heat

It is well known that Metal Halide and Sodium Vapor lighting release a lot of heat and run super hot. Figure a Metal Halide 600w grow light bulb max operating temperature is around 8000F and you can understand why a Risk Control document from a major insurance company stated “… when it comes to fires started by lighting in commercial establishments, metal halide lamps have been, and continue to be, identified as one of the largest causes of ignition in large fire losses”. Of course there are ways to reduce the heat generated and help mitigate fire risks but they involve considerable additional expense. Special equipment, electrical service upgrades, air conditioning, cooling, exhaust fans… and don’t forget all the extra operating and utility costs, noise generation and maintenance requirements. These all take a toll depleting your initial project investment dollars and driving up your monthly expenses. LEDs have been shown to run at just a fraction of the heat of metal halide and sodium lamps and in many cases need no additional heat mitigation measures. This saves you time, effort and substantial up front money plus down the road every month in your operation.


Affordable quality LED grow lights have been rare as hens teeth. A couple years ago it was almost impossible to find one and right now it still isn’t easy but we’re changing all that. What a difference a day can make!

These new LED grow lighting products have an affordability index and initial cost that keeps initial dollar damage control down and pays you savings every day. A reminder:

  • T5s need to be changed out constantly and strictly disposed of for Hg
  • Expensive metal halide and sodium vapor lamps need to be switched around back and forth and lose efficiency plus have hazardous materials to strictly dispose of
  • Purchasing high end high cost LED units and trying to make them last or payback for 10 years just doesn’t seem like it will work out like you had thought or hoped
  • The lumen fall off or driver and other issues like technology will catch up to your efficiency dooming that high end ‘showcase’ economically pretty unimpressive

Now you can afford the initial LED installation plus budget for planned change outs. This will secure your operation has the freshest lighting, highest lumen maintenance, the least possible maintenance issues if any with solid warranty coverage that could bring your overall expenditures to the lowest possible cost ever!

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