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With over 6 years of dedication to LED high efficiency commercial and industrial lighting Illuminex Lighting is an Expert in LED Lighting. Illuminex Lighting has the experience, knowledge and background to understand what’s needed in an application to generate performance based results and our grow lighting gives you just that!

Best Components & Quality Practices

Best Components

  • Top Bin Chips
  • Reliable Premium American made CREE LED’s with twice the PAR value of comparable LEDs’ at a 40% lower energy consumption
  • High Efficiency Reflector Design with near 100% Lumen Output
  • Aircraft Grade Pure Aluminum Heat Sinks
  • Next Generation High Intensity (HI-LED) Epistar American made LEDs

Quality Features

  • On Board Growth and Bloom Switching
  • Smart Environment Remote Control allows you to easily adjust
  • Adjust growth mode to bloom, growth and seedling
  • Adjust timer settings
  • Monitor temperature
  • Monitor humidity
  • Easily scalable for Commercial growers and larger operations
  • Versatile to any soil or medium or horticultural environment
  • Lower Db Operational Levels

Superior Designs

  • Extreme Penetration of Plant Area through unique curved design
  • Largest coverage area possible without sacrificing performance
  • Reflector Design nears 100% Lumen Output
  • Plug and Play means no need to buy additional equipment
  • cETLus Intertek Laboratories certified
  • Linkable in some models

Why We Sell

The Best Grow Lights You Can Buy

What the Best Grow Lights Mean to YOU!

To some people getting the best grow light may mean over spending as if only the highest priced lighting is worth having. To others it may mean that the longest warranty in the world will somehow ensure quality and longevity plus peak performance. Sadly though this just doesn’t seem to always hold true.

Too often warranties are just a sales tool to hype a product with little concern as to whether it’s realistic that the product will reasonably ever last that long and paying more for a product than it is worth will yield benefits that somehow pass its specifications.

True value and getting the best grow lighting
should mean the right blend of:

Is the product made with high quality components, such as:
  1. American made High Powered LEDs
  2. Select top bin Chips
  3. Solid pure aluminum heat sinks
  4. Low Db active fan on board cooling system
  5. Being produced by a professional major LED grow light manufacturer
  1. Was it designed with specific criteria for its use
  2. Has it been put to actual use with proven results
  3. Does it have a Reflector Design with near 100% Lumen Output
  4. Will it provide extreme penetration of plant area through unique curved design
  5. Is the coverage area largest possible without sacrificing performance
  1. Does it have the adjustments needed for ease of use
  2. Are there sensor controls that provide information that helps me to grow better
  3. Is it a true Plug and Play that means no need to buy additional equipment
  4. Is it scalable so it can be flexible with my needs and operation
  5. Can it be versatile to any soil or horticultural environment
  1. Is the warranty realistic and therefor reasonable to consider it will be honored
  2. Does the company have service centers and stock replacement parts
  1. Is service available for my unit during and after the warranty
  2. Will I get support when I need it and is it available in the US and Canada
  3. Are replacement parts and supplies readily available to fulfill warranty and non-warranty needs
  1. Does the cost/benefit analysis make economic sense
  2. Am I getting my monies worth?!

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