LED Grow Lights!

LED Grow Lights

For over 6 years, Mars Hydro has been developing and innovating the LED Grow light industry. The reliability and performance of their products has made them a global leader of the LED grow light industry. With three different grow lighting model series we are sure you will find the right unit for your needs.

LED Grow Tents

Mars Hydro Grow Tents are the first LED engineered grow tent featuring double thick Mylar specifically designed to collect and reflect any light outside the canopy footprint and deliver it right back to the plant.

These tents are a quick, simple and practical solution with easy assembly for creating a controlled horticultural environment with all the useful features you want plus are non-toxic with no off-gassing

Featured Product

MARS Pro II CREE 128 LED – Designed to significantly reduce your costs of growing while ensuring maximum growth from your harvests. Perfect for large scale commercial operations or your indoor garden. With a record-breaking 4′ x 4′ coverage, the Mars Pro II CREE can easily replace traditional grow lights and produce a higher quality product with superior yield so you can grow all year with ease while reducing operating costs.

Why LED Grow Lights?

An Evolution in LED Grow Lighting Technology


Recent testing of new generation LED grow lighting has given outstanding results for many applications.

Low Heat

LEDs have been shown to run at just a fraction of the heat of metal halide and sodium lamps and in many cases need no additional heat mitigation measures.

Energy Savings

Energy savings from growing with LEDs is an important benefit but the money saved from the lighting power consumption is just the start.


New LED grow lighting products have an affordability index and initial cost that keeps initial dollar damage control down and pays you savings every day.

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